We do the research on supplements, so that you don't have to

We now have more supplement options than ever. With thousands of supplements available, and being bombarded daily by advertisiments for them, it's difficult to know with certainty which ones would really help you. New research is being posted every day, but it's humanly impossible to stay on top of it all.

So for someone that wants to optimize their welness or try to tackle a health issue they're facing it's extremely hard to figure out what truly works. That's why we're using AI research processes that relay relevant information to our team of researchers to then create a science based anti-anxiety supplement stack - knowing exactly which supplements really work, in which dosages, at which times, and how to take them.

  • RESEARCH Our team of 11 researchers is always on top of the latest in supplements.
  • AI ENHANCED We use custom built AI to help us sift through large amounts of daily published data.
  • INTERNAL TESTS We do our own tests on select supplements to confirm their claims.
  • STACKING We are experts of stacking different supplements to help you achieve your goals.
The secret sauce is not that secret...


Appropriate dosages

When supplementing with a specific goal in mind the dosage is the most important part of it. Too low and you won't see any results - or too high and you might be doing irreparable damage to your body.

Eg: Taking 10 mg caffeine might not produce any results, whereas as little as 3 g can be fatal.

Specific forms

Vitamins, minerals and supplements in general come in many forms. These forms can be of varying degeres of absorption effectiveness and even sometimes have unwanted side-effects. Usually, the most widely sold forms of a specific supplement are of the lowest quality form.

Eg: Magnesium is usually sold in the form of magnesium citrate which is poorly absorbed and in medicine used as a laxative, whereas magnesium glycinate is well absorbed and doesn't disturb your digestion.


Sometimes certain supplements work synergistically and enhance each others effects, however sometimes they essentially cancel each other's effects out. You might be taking a supplement without the synergistically needed supplement and therefore seeing poor effects due to it.

Eg: Many people take vitamin D3, however it increases the calcium buildup and can lead to kidney issues as the kidneys process the excess calcium. To mitigate this it must be taken in a specific ratio with vitamin K2.


Each of us has a different genetic profile and the biologic expression of it. Supplements often work differently for different genders, races, and ages. Sometimes people have disturbed absorption pathways and therefore need specific supplements.

Eg: If certain genes that are responsible for the process of methylation in your body are not functioning properly you need a supplementation protocol that specifically addresses this issue.

After processing 400,000+ pages of medical research

We have developed supplement stacks to help you with:

Stress & Anxiety

Lower your anxiety and increase your stress tolerance.


Supplement to lessen the effects of depression or get rid of it completely.

Focus & Motivation

Get in to the zone faster, improve your learning, stop tiredness.

Fat loss

Help your body get rid of fat and control your appetite.

Joint health

Improve the quality of your joint ligaments and increase your mobility.

Athletic performance

Muscle building & speeding up healing processes.


Uncover ways to increase your testosterone with herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

Female hormones

Lower the negative effects of hormonal imbalances.


Fall asleep faster and increase your quality of sleep.
STOP and think about this...

Supplement laws allow basically anyone to sell anything they want without any federal checks

Supplements often aren't tested for quality, harmful ingredients or proper dosaging. It's possible you're buying supplements that are grossly under-dosed or ones that haven't been scrutinized with 3rd party laboratory testing that would check for harmful fungii or heavy metal contaminations.

This is why we do the research for you and only include supplements that have been tested and have a track record of medical-grade quality - with our supplement stacks you can be sure you're getting only the highest quality, potency and safety ensurance.

The cause for many disfunctions is in our soil and therefore the foods we eat

Ever since we started industrializing the farming and haven't used methods to keep the minerals in the soil in great enough concentrations, the minerals that we ingest from plants and animals have been falling and falling. The mineral content in the average store bought plants or fruits is ONLY 30% of what it was a 100 years ago.

Even with a balanced diet it's therefore sometimes impossible to get all the needed nutrients to maintain good physical and mental health.

Our bodies need a specific amounts of vitamins and minerals to function optimally, however when our bodies are deficient for these essential micro-nutrients they can start exhibiting debilitating health issues which can be hard to pin point the cause of. Some widely used blood tests don't even detect deficiencies you might have but are still used as a credible reference by most doctors.

You might therefore be exhibiting auto-immune disease like symptoms or non-specific chronic pain issues that could be caused by a set of relatively simple to address mineral or vitamin deficiencies.

Our process

Each health stack goes through:

The latest research

Our finely tuned internal research process allows us to process incredible amounts of data to only find what is relevant for our narrow specific goals.

Expert human understanding

Our experts in human biology think holistically about how each supplement in the health stack works by itself and synergistically.

Instructions of use

Each stack comes with instructions that explain the appropriate dosages based on your gender, age and goals & when and how to take the supplements for optimal absorption.

Live weekly feedback

Once you start taking one of our stacks you will get access to our experts to fine tune your stack based on how you perform and how you feel.

Just some of the symptoms you might be experiencing if you are deficient...

Chronic anxiety, pain, fatigue, joint pain, slow regeneration and more...

You may be deficient in specific vitamins, minerals or amino acids and not even know it. Some of the symptoms deficiencies in these micro-nutrients trigger are extremely similar to how certain common diseases present and therefore make it difficult to properly diagnose.

CORRECT SUPPLEMENTATION can boost mitochondrial efficiency, enhancing energy levels at a cellular level. It can support muscle growth and speed up recovery post-exercise. Certain herbal supplements can strengthen the immune system and reduce the duration of illnesses and can also help regulate sleep patterns, with possible benefits noticed within days.

All of this is now proven by research and can be accessed by anyone.

MENTAL BENEFITS are just one of the health benefits you can claim with a proper supplementation stack. Address chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, access instant focus and reclaim your learning capabilities. Our stacks for example often include adaptogens like Ashwagandha in specific dosages and timely protocols, known for balancing stress hormones, potentially offering relief within weeks.

At the same time not having enough minerals, the processes that are often most known that are disturbed are related to muscle function, however they affect the vital brain functions such as neurotransmitter production and can therefore have a significant effect on the way you feel and experience the world around you.


Client feedback

I've been struggling with stress and anxiety for a while and couldn't get it under control by myself. After trying the Stress & Anxiety Relief Stack, I've noticed a significant improvement. The step by step stack I was instructed to take over the period of 2 months has helped me manage my stress levels better, and I feel much more at ease now. This stack has truly been a lifesaver for me.

Rosalina D.
Verified Customer

I must commend the effectiveness of the Joint Health Stack. The incorporation of the recommended supplements into my regimen has resulted in a noticeable alleviation of joint discomfort, improving my mobility and quality of life.

William M.
Verified Customer

The Sleep Improvement Stack? Total game changer! I'm finally getting some decent sleep, and I wake up feeling refreshed. Highly recommend it.

Timothy B.
Verified Customer

Since I started the Energy & Focus Stack, I feel more awake and motivated to get my work done all day long. It's great!

Jonathan W.
Verified Customer

World class research & great customer support. If for any reason what-so-ever, you decide your Stack wasn't right for you, we will return your money guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is our priority. Try StackElixir for 90 days. See measurable improvement to the quality of your life or your money back.

Caution Ahead: The Hidden Dangers of Uninformed Supplement Use!

In our pre-made supplement stacks we make sure to help you avoid:

  • Overdose Risks: Excessive intake can lead to toxicity.
  • Adverse Interactions: Supplements may interact negatively with medications.
  • Allergic Reactions: Unforeseen allergies to certain ingredients.
  • Ineffective Dosing: Inadequate dosages leading to no benefit.
  • Health Complications: Aggravation of pre-existing health conditions.
  • Quality Concerns: Risk of consuming low-quality or contaminated products.
  • False Claims: Relying on unsubstantiated health benefits.
  • Nutrient Imbalances: Disrupting natural nutrient balance in the body.
  • Dependency Risks: Potential for developing a dependency.
  • Cost Inefficiency: Spending money on ineffective solutions.

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Each health supplement stack includes the full supplementation protocol that is recommended for that specific goal. Each stack comes with guides that are from 40-60 pages long and include the explanation of the most common causes for the ailment in question.

We then proceed with the summary of the research on how to effectivelly tackle it depending on the underlying issues that are triggering your symptoms. In the third chapter you get familiarized with the core supplementation protocol for that specific issue.

Later chapters explain the possible needed modifications based on your gender, race, age and your goals, while also introducing the non-supplementation research to further the speed of recovery (techniques such as different breathing patterns, meditation protocols, psychology strategies, exercise regiments, diet modifications etc). You will also get a day by day breakdown of dosages, timings, ingestion protocols and expected results you should be experiencing with our supplements.

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